I Just Want To Know What You’re Doing With The Internet In The Shower

February 9, 2006 at 12:30 pm (Uncategorized)

When we went on the pub tour last Saturday this guy on the bus caught two words in a conversation that Kristine and I were having: ‘internet’ and ‘shower’. From then on, all he would ask was, “I just need to know, you can’t leave me hanging; that’s just mean. I’m just a cowboy, you can’t fuck with a cowboy.” His name was Simon, and no, we never told him what was going on with the internet in the shower.

I just thought of this because I have returned to my room from a two hour conversation with Kristine and she is definitely one of the best people I have met here. We have a lot in common and a lot to connect over. She’s good people, and hey, I made a friend!

Today was strange. I don’t know how I’m going to feel about Thursdays. I have work from 9am-1pm, which feels short after my long Wednesdays. Then I have the afternoon off until my PELA class (the one that goes along with my internship) at 6:15pm. I don’t get to eat until after that class, and the day is just so weird. Today was nice at work though. The girl that I go around with and help most of the time is named Becs (short for Rebecca) and I like her a lot. She’s probably 27 or something and she’s really nice. We did a lot of different things in the four hours that I was there, but the one that I liked best was when I got to type up a form for people who have a question at the museum and we can’t find the answer. Those are going to be sitting in the museum from now on and I really felt like I made a mark somehow. Silly, I know, but it’s something and I feel like there will be a lot more.

I had a ‘tea break’ for about 15 minutes so i went down the street and got my first taste of what can only be heaven. The little specialty coffee shop down the way has a nice courtyard in the back where it’s cool. I sat there and had an iced coffee. Sounds normal, right? Wrong. They actually put ice cream in iced coffee here. Since this shop was the best ever, there was also whipped cream and sweet chocolate powder on top. It was devine.

Another big shocker is that I have been getting a lot of color really fast. Anyone who knows me knows that I am Casper’s human half-sister, but not any more. Tomorrow we’re hitting the beach and all that will be over.

Also up for this weekend: a trip to the Blue Mountains. Surely, the pictures from that will be amazing so check up on my flickr link anytime after Saturday. Also new on there today are pictures from work and one special one that I took at the harbour.

On a last note, I tore my heels up pretty bad last week wearing a new pair of shoes, and it was looking pretty gruesome for a while. Today I finally realized that I am not going to die, as the gaping holes in my feet have scabbed over. Up until now I was convinced that I was going to have to have my heels amputated and wooden blocks cut out to fit in the gaps. Amputation will not be necessary.

Love to everyone back home and wherever the hell the rest of you are.

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