February 11, 2006 at 10:16 am (Uncategorized)

It just about made my life, but maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. I’ll start at the beginning.

This morning all of us in the CAPA program woke up bright and early to meet our chartered bus at 8:20am. We were all there on time, but our fearless leader, Beau, was late. When he offered us all tablets that would help cure our hangovers and then took one himself I think we figured out the reason for his tardiness.

The first stop on our magical mystery tour was the Olympic Stadium that was built for the 2000 summer games in Sydney. Beau gave us a little bit of background on the site and before it was a world class Olympic park it was an industrial waste dump. The cost to convert it was in the billions, and you can tell. I would never have guessed any of that based on the way it looks now.

Back on the bus, we drove for another half an hour before reaching Featherdale Wildlife Park. We had an hour, which was more than enough to see all of the animals. It is one thing to be told that Australia’s wildlife is unique and strange, but it is another thing entirely to have it all right in your face. This would be the part of the trip when I nearly peed myself getting to touch the koalas. The one that I was petting was busy eating his lunch, and right after my picture was taken, he dropped his branch. He did the natural thing and just sat there reaching for it while the keeper scrambled to get it for him. I was considering helping him out, but I wasn’t sure if he would still eat it if I touched it, or if the keeper would want me to touch it. Yes, there are pictures of this on flickr. From there, we went into the part of the park where the kangaroos were just roaming around freely. I touched a couple of them too, but they were somehow less exciting. The rest of the animals were cool but only koalas and kangaroos were available for petting so they win.

Another hour on the bus and we finally reached Katoomba. We had lunch in town and then continued on to Echo Point where we got a view of the rock formation known as “Three Sisters”. Then back on the bus to get deeper into the Blue Mountains. The original plan had been for a 3 hour hike, but we did not have time for that. We had to cut it down to about an hour and a half. The walk down was really nice and we kept catching glances of the stream that would eventually become the waterfall at the end of our walk. After wading around in the pool at the bottom, we started the walk back up. Half of the trail was made up of stairs that were so steep they were practically on top of each other, creating a ladder effect. With this, I would like to add that I did laundry last night and instead of paying for the dryer, I left my clothes out to dry on hangers. None of my pants were dry this morning leaving me with no other option but to wear my jean skirt on our adventure today. It was not a problem until I realized that we were going back up the stairs and that everyone below me could see up my skirt. Yaaaaaay.

All of us were really happy to be back on the bus for the two hour ride home. We needed the rest after the last part of the hike. We watched a movie on the ride home called “The Castle”. Beau said it is a very well known Australian comedy that everyone here has seen, but I had never heard of it. It was pretty funny and made the ride back fly.

So yeah, I’m exhausted. Everyone is going to a kareoke bar, but I am sitting and staring at them in disbelief since I cannot imagine going out again today. I uploaded the pictures from earlier, and I am going to bed.


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  1. Matt's Dad said,

    Iheard about a koala taking off a mans hand once

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