Uneventful Monday

February 13, 2006 at 11:11 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I did nothing. I did not feel the need to write that I did nothing, hence no post.

Today I barely did anything, but I did more than yesterday so woohoo for that. In my Art History class we went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It was short, but nice to see and we go back in two weeks to see some other stuff that we didn’t see today. I feel very cultured.

At work I didn’t do much. I did start writing my letter to Lonely Planet about the Rocks Discovery Museum and everyone was as nice as usual, but that was it.

The one thing that really has hit me in the past few days is how weird I feel whenever I talk. After two weeks, I am used to all of the foreign phrases and lingo that I hear, but I feel increasingly awkward when I talk. Everytime I go to order something or ask a question I always end up second guessing myself. Something about the way people look at you when you talk and they hear the American accent is just really off-putting. It has made me think about how I look at foreigners back home and wonder if I have that same look on my face. I have to assume it’s something that I will get over eventually, especially once I feel more comfortable asking things.

Aside from the onset of culture shock, this week promises to be pretty quiet. Valentine’s Day will be silently tucked between the obligations of school and work, as is only right.

So happy Valentine’s day, everyone, and keep it real.



  1. Peter Whinn said,

    I always feel like people look at me strangely when I talk too, but it’s usually because I have something stuck to my face. I feel your pain, sistah!

  2. Gramps said,

    Hey Meg
    Don’t feel bad. When you mom and I went to the pub on the bay in October I ask for a draw and the guy looked at me like I was nuts.
    Your mom explained to him I was from Missour and I wanted a draft. So see, even hear people don’t understand.
    Hugs Love You

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