Solitary Weekend

February 18, 2006 at 11:00 am (Uncategorized)

Everyone went on a surfing trip this weekend, so I am alone. I didn’t go because they wanted the money for this trip right when I got here and I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but I would probably have been too freaked out anyway.

Yesterday I got a library card.

Today I got up, ready, and out in time for lunch. Sadly, I had my first big mac today. I’ve never had one in the states and I don’t know what possessed me to try one here. It was so-so. Then I made my way into The Rocks where the street that I work on during the week was transformed into the weekend market. I did some shopping, and then from there it was on to the Museum of Sydney. The main exhibit right now is on Bondi, the famous beach. After I was done taking that all in, I headed down Pitt street through a big shopping district. I went into a shoe store that had 4 FLOORS. It was amazing. Continuing on, I found a movie theater. A ticket cost $15.50 but I sprung for it and saw Brokeback Mountain. I’ve never been to a movie alone before, but I am almost positive that there were two other girls there alone as well, so we had our own little corner of lonesome theater. I liked the movie a lot.

After that, it was 6pm and time to find some food. Feeling like my adventures for the day were over, I just went back to Kirribilli and got a pizza. So now that I’ve worn myself out i think it’s early to bed and maybe the beach tomorrow.


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