Solitary Weekend

February 18, 2006 at 11:00 am (Uncategorized)

Everyone went on a surfing trip this weekend, so I am alone. I didn’t go because they wanted the money for this trip right when I got here and I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but I would probably have been too freaked out anyway.

Yesterday I got a library card.

Today I got up, ready, and out in time for lunch. Sadly, I had my first big mac today. I’ve never had one in the states and I don’t know what possessed me to try one here. It was so-so. Then I made my way into The Rocks where the street that I work on during the week was transformed into the weekend market. I did some shopping, and then from there it was on to the Museum of Sydney. The main exhibit right now is on Bondi, the famous beach. After I was done taking that all in, I headed down Pitt street through a big shopping district. I went into a shoe store that had 4 FLOORS. It was amazing. Continuing on, I found a movie theater. A ticket cost $15.50 but I sprung for it and saw Brokeback Mountain. I’ve never been to a movie alone before, but I am almost positive that there were two other girls there alone as well, so we had our own little corner of lonesome theater. I liked the movie a lot.

After that, it was 6pm and time to find some food. Feeling like my adventures for the day were over, I just went back to Kirribilli and got a pizza. So now that I’ve worn myself out i think it’s early to bed and maybe the beach tomorrow.



  1. Peter Axtman said,

    come to melbourne my love.

  2. Peter Gene Whinn Esq PhD WMD said,

    Megan my dear,
    Your blog has given me blog envy. I wish I was somewhere cool and new and interesting so that I could write about it. I even went so far as to create my own WordPress account (the site is awesome! I’ve used Blogger – the one Dean is using – before, and I like WordPress way better) but realized I have absolutely nothing to post that would be of any interest to anybody with internet access. Sigh.
    Hope the glamour doesn’t go to your head,

  3. mbrantle said,

    Aren’t you going to Morocco or something over spring break? That will be soooo exciting and maybe you will not be a chump like me and do more than take yourself on dates to the movies. I even sat myself in the date row, but unfortunately I found out that I definitely won’t be giving anything away at least until “RENT” is released here. Apparently it takes total crap a lot longer to travel from the U.S.

  4. gabe cooper said,

    how much is $15.50? like 8 bucks uh’mer-can?

  5. mbrantle said,

    About $10 so I don’t know why I’m complaining

  6. Peter Axtman said,

    How bout you update your site with all this free time you gots?

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