An Easter Story

April 16, 2006 at 10:27 am (Uncategorized)

Easter in Sydney seems to be a pretty big deal. At work last week we all took a tea break to eat hot crossed buns in the middle of the workday. They also have a big Royal Easter Show (more like a fair than a show). My Easter was doomed to be a lonely one since most people went away and the ones who were here had other plans.

As a solution I went where I go everytime I need some downtime: the Botanical Gardens. I'm not even sure anymore how many times I've been there anymore, but it was beautiful today and probably one of the least crowded places in Sydney.

I started out by finding the horde of cockatoos that we had seen when we went on the Aboriginal tour of the gardens with Clarence. They were out in full force and there was a whole group of people taking pictures and feeding them. I was doing the same when I got charged by one that was not very well-kempt and possibly the crazy one of the group. Simultaneously, this guy sitting on a bench a ways away started trying to get my attention, so I finished taking photos and started on my way down to Mrs. Macquarie's Chair (one of the most scenic spots in the city). The guy got up from the bench and followed me for a while, mumbling something about how the birds had the hots for me . . . creepy. I guess weirdos hanging out in the park is true everywhere, even at 2pm.

I got some OK pictures of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge before continuing to wander around the lower gardens. Finally, I decided that I had not seen the last of the cockatoos, so I went back and ate some chocolate bunny while I waited for them to come down from the trees again.

What lured them this time was a group of people with birdseed. I tried to get them to come to me with a little grass, but they were not tricked. A lady saw me trying that on them and she gave me some of her birdseed, which was so nice of her. Then she went one step further and made sure that she took a good picture of me holding the cockatoo (see My Sydney Photos). It was amazing. The cockatoo kept looking at me after the seed was gone and he was on me for a long time. However, he also decided he was too cool to stand on my sleeve so I have some scratches on my arm . . . and now I probably have bird rabies or something.

That was the extent of my Easter adventures . . . a pretty productive one if you ask me.


  1. Pete "not UMass Pete" Whinn said,

    Hey Megan…not only birds think you’re hot…hehehehehehehehehehe. *Ahem* alright enough of that.

  2. Mom said,

    thank goodness it was a cockatoo and not a kookaburra. . .if you know what i mean, however, birds of a feather do stick together. . . be very careful!

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