A Travel Story

May 4, 2006 at 7:48 am (Uncategorized)

Two days in the Jolly Swagman were a little rough. Nice hostel, but if you put me and Denise McIsaac in King's Cross for more that a couple of hours then bad things are bound to happen. To all of you who left Sydney before us, never do that again. We need people to keep us in check. Denise went so far as to be a complete backseat driver when we were in a cab the other night and told the driver that he was "mean" for not letting someone cut in front of him. While this might have been true, the complete silence from the front seat was a little bit terrifying. Eeeep.

I'm sure this post is going to be completely incomprehensible. I haven't really been sleeping much in the past couple of days. Leaving Sydney went a lot faster than I had expected, probably because we were constantly on the move.

Moving into the Jolly Swagman involved three trips up four flights of stairs for me. Denise did about the same. Thankfully, I mailed a lot of that stuff home (to the tune of A$198) so it's better now, but Denise is not so lucky. That girl has managed to drag around over 100 pounds of stuff in the last few days. We found that out when they weighed her bag at the airport this morning and she got charged a hefty sum for going over the allowed 20 kilos.

Unfortunately, we could not get on the same plane. Denise left at 8:15am and I left at 9:15am. When I got on the plane I continued reading my book (thanks for the suggestion, Caroline, The Alchemy of Desire is really good so far) but only until take-off. After that, I folded myself over in the brace position and I was out for the rest of the flight. I woke up after they announced that we were starting our descent and heard some guy ask, "Is she still alive over there?" to the man sitting next to me. I hope I wasn't snoring . . . although if he asked that I probably just looked floppy and dead.

So far, our adventures in Melbourne have been short but good. Now we are just in an internet place . . . waiting to eat dinner before we get our stuff out of the lockers we stored them in. Then we get to travel up to Pete's which might be a little painful, especially for the one who likes to pack everything she owns. I hear rumors of a footy game tomorrow night . . . and the desk guy at the Swagman (or Jolly Swaggerfuckers as Denise started calling it when we were drinking the other night) told us about a chocolate lover's tour that runs on Saturdays, so maybe we'll check it out. More likely, I'll just let Pete drag this sleepy, wilted body around while I try to take decent pictures.

Send emails. I will check them when I get to Perth (if not before then).

Home is not so far away now.


  1. ethan said,

    yes! get thee home to your lonesome ootant post-haste.

  2. MOM said,

    Denise should have her mouth washed out with soapy!!!

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