In Conclusion . . .

May 29, 2006 at 4:20 am (Uncategorized)

I'm home now. I've been home for about two weeks and back to work for one. Everything is just the way I remember it and that's fine with me since by the time I got home I was done with travelling and novelties around every corner. I have also had a pretty easy time of not talking about Australia 24/7. I definitely don't want to be THAT GIRL who won't shut up about it and luckily I haven't really wanted to talk about it. I guess I just figure no one here would really understand anyway. 

Coming back from Perth kicked off my journey home. I got back into Sydney at 7pm and arranged a place to stay for my last night in Australia. As I was going about making my bed in that last hostel I was also talking to Carmella, one of my roommates. She is Swiss (the German speaking variety) and was really nice. I also started talking to another roommate, a girl from Italy, who highly recommended Pompei. Then Carmella invited me to go out with her and Nanu, another one of my roommates who was British. The Italian girl was going to bed, so she didn't come with.

First we went down to Scubar (seconds away from where we were staying). The last time I was at Scubar was on our magical mystery tour (pub crawl). It wwas two for one cocktail night which I had not planned on, but I was ok with it. Nothing else was happening there, so after a while we set off for Star Bar. Funny part: I find out that Carmella and Nanu are both 30 and they thought I was 30 as well. HA! I guess I matured a little more than I thought while I was in Sydney . . .   

So then we were at Star Bar. I still have not come to a solid conclusion on whether that place is sketchy or not. I had one last Toohey's New and shed a few tears saying goodbye to my favorite beer in the world (thus far). Nanu had this horribly annoying guy on her so when he went to get her a drink, I dragged her upstairs to the dancefloor. The night gets pretty fuzzzy from there on out. I will say that I managed to lose my blue glasses at some point which makes me a little bit upset, but thankfully I had another pair and I'm writing it off as an offering to the Gods of the outback. Or at least the Gods of beer. And two for one cocktails.

I managed to not wake up in time to take a shower the next morning. This means that I got to the airport and smelled a little like fecal matter and sour beer. Yay for making the 23 hour journey across the earth completely filthy. I amused myself on the plane watching Memoirs of a Geisha, A History of Violence, and Walk the Line. I was gross when I got home.

So now I'm just assessing my experience. Taking a walk around it, checking out every angle, and trying to come up with a way to package it and tie it up with a bow. This could take a while.

The one thing that I have come to realize is that the experience abroad opened my eyes to a lot of things that I had not seen before, especially about cultural differences and deciding who belongs/who doesn't. I have a newfound sense of respect and sensitivity for those who struggle with living outside of their home culture. I didn't think I had missed America at all but as soon as I got home I relaxed a lot and realized how much more comfortable I am here than I was in Australia. It was absolutely the most emotional four months of my life and it opened me up a lot. That is all I have come up with so far, and I don't expect that I will be able to identify all of the changes myself.

On a lighter note, I think I met more international people in Australia than actual Australians. I met and spoke with people from Switzerland, England, Taiwan, Thailand, Hungary, India, Canada (have a drink with me, eh?), Japan, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Rwanda, and Kuwait. Off the top of my head.

So far I miss: too many things to name.

I got a kitten and in memory of Australia his second of four names is Milo (Seamus Milo Hesse Jimmyjams). Just another way for me to say, yeah Australia, you're in my heart now.

So that's about it for this trip. I'm going to go be bored at Starbucks now.

Good luck to everyone who hasn't come home yet and have safe journeys. I don't think the adjustment to being back here was as weird as everyone said it would be, so don't worry, it just sucks a little bit. 

Hope to hear from you all soon. 


  1. Peter Axtman said,

    you can thank me for second name of the cat. without me you wouldn’t know milo from a hole in your head. Also, which person was your favorite from the other countries? was it the hungarian?? was it???

  2. Peter Axtman said,

    does this mean no more posts? emo tear.

  3. mbrantle said,

    Yeah, well . . . I don’t think anyone really wants to hear about me doing laundry.

  4. liaharrell79594 said,

    INRIA should normally arrange and pay for French classes, though you might need to push the administrators if you want them to start soon after you arrive. Come on

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